Muhyiddin: Najib should sack 1MDB board



PETALING JAYA: Board members of the controversial 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) should be sacked immediately, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“I told the Prime Minister, sack all the guys, board of 1MDB. Throw them away! They are the ones that have burdened the Prime Minister with this,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, believed to be at the Institut Latihan Memperkasa Umno in Janda Baik last week.

Footage of a speech Muhyiddin gave at the closed-door event has gone viral, where he is seen lambasting the staggering debts accumulated by 1MDB.

The video was shared by a blog and uploaded to YouTube.

Muhyiddin said he had asked Najib on how the issue should be solved, as the rakyat needed to be shown that the Government operates in a transparent manner and viewed the 1MDB scandal seriously.

He also reiterated his respect for the leadership, and said his words were not intended to “show off”, nor to show that he hated his leadership, or to put down the party president.

“But when there are issues and problems, and this is a real problem… How, in such a short time, did a Government-owned company become burdened with liabilities of RM42bil?” he questioned from the rostrum.

“If the company was mine, and I woke up to reports of such an extraordinary event, with the CEO making an issue by borrowing up to RM10bil, then every month I have to pay interest of RM100mil to RM200mil… I never thought such a company in the world could have such a burden, but it is happening in Malaysia,” said Muhyiddin to the packed hall.

Spotted in the audience were Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan and Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob.

“What do you do (with such a company)? Throw it away! This CEO – throw away! And not just throw away, ask the police to investigate!

“Take action so the rakyat can see, and only then view the Government leadership as a responsible figure that takes serious action.

“If not, this is the burden that will drag us down. We have to take action. We cannot have the ‘never mind, give it some time’ attitude – we cannot!” he urged.

He also dismissed rumours of an alleged plot between himself, International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz and former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin to topple the leadership.

“Lies. Fitnah. Don’t trust easily what you see on social media,” he added.

source : The Star

 * IMHO someone needs to go, the burden is too much on BN and UMNO, which could cause a major downfall coming 14th GE. Enuf.~mydestiny2011
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Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA to open end-May for travellers to shop

Let’s check it out!

KUALA LUMPUR: Travellers at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will have their very own shopping mall to spend time at, in between catching flights to destinations. The Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang will open on May 30 and is sited very near the KLIA and directly accessible from the highway.

It will feature an exciting array of offerings, ranging from luxury and branded products, fashion apparels and accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates and confectionery, kids and sports wear, to household items and luggage. It will also offer a scrumptious choice of gastronomic delights and spanning 24,000 square metres of space under the first phase of its development.

The Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang is the result of a joint venture (JV) between Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB). The outlet will be managed by the JV company, MFMA Development Sdn Bhd (MFMA). In a statement today, MFMA said the facility will gradually be completed to about 130 stores by late July. “There are plans to expand the facility in 2018, as well as 2021, to become the largest outlet mall in Southeast Asia with about 250 stores and floor space of about 44,000 square metres,” it added.

The Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang will provide a flight information display system to enable travellers to keep tabs on their flights without leaving the premises, as well as flight SITA check-in KIOSK services and a free baggage storage service. Mitsui Fudosan is a reputable Japanese real estate and retail property developer, while MAHB manages most of the airports in Malaysia. MFMA is 70 per cent owned by Mitsui Fudosan with MAHB having a 30 per cent stake. MFMA will lease the land owned by MAHB, and be responsible for constructing the buildings, and leasing it to tenants. – Bernama

source : NSTP

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It’s RM10 for RM10 cards from next year but tax to include messages and data

Just another crazy idea from the cabinet. You think this is what we want?~mydestiny2011

PUTRAJAYA: Prepaid mobile users will get air time of RM10 for every RM10 top-up, but they will have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) for calls, text messages and data usage.

This will be implemented from 2016 to give telcos time to prepare ahead.

The current RM10.60 charge (inclusive of 6% GST) for a RM10 top-up will stay until the end of the year.

Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Chik, who disclosed this at a press conference yesterday, said the Government decided that the new method of incorporating GST on prepaid usage was suitable and fair.

“The GST is collected only when consumers use the service and not before.

“This, however, could not be done now because the GST-included prepaid cards are still in the market,” he said.

Ahmad Shabery said the decision had been conveyed to telco operators, who said they needed about six months to reconfigure their systems and produce new cards.

The re-configuration, he added, was a difficult process which involved many distribution strata and agents as well as various inputs for the prepaid top-up values such as the physical card, online added value, the Internet and mobile banking, and the automated teller machine.

“To balance the effects of the GST, the Government has asked the telco operators to reduce the rates of their services and offer more affordable packages to targeted groups such as students,” he said.

Prepaid mobile phone users are not particularly thrilled with the decision.

Undergraduate Annie Grace Pravena Peter, 19, said:

“At first they wanted us to pay RM10.60. Now, it’s GST for every call.

“It is the same thing. Either way, we will have to fork out more.”

Annie hoped the Government would consider that students were the majority of those using prepaid cards and they were living on a tight budget.

“I top up RM50 a month and every ringgit counts,” she said while suggesting rebates be offered to students.

Wong Khai Wern, 22, a second-year undergraduate at Universiti Malaya, said the change would placate users because “they won’t be conscious of how it (GST) is being charged”.

Nurse S. Santhakumari, 58, was, however, indifferent to the change.

“Either way, I am paying the GST,” she said.

Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (Fomca) secretary-general Datuk Paul Selvaraj approved the Cabinet’s decision of not imposing the GST on reloading.

When asked how the change would affect consumers, Paul said it would depend on users’ call consumption.

“They will have to manage their calls to optimise cost,” he added.

source : The Star

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I bumped into this article read and trying to relate .  In this world, along the road, we meet a lot of people. Some are kind, trusting and really down to earth and humble,  we remember their kindness and  keep them in our heart  for a very long time. Till we leave this world, may be.

While at another time, we meet rude, inconsiderate, ruthless people , they have hurt us so much, and sometimes we think we will not be able to forgive them for their actions, and may be too, till we leave this world.

Forgive them anyway

 Just sharing the following to feed our sometime, lost soul..~mydestiny2o11.

Be a nice human

Dear Ones-

So I saw it happen again the other day.

Last week I watched as a friend of mine got (quite savagely) verbally attacked by a friend of hers. As I was comforting her later, she said, while brushing away tears of pain, “It’s OK. I know she didn’t mean to hurt me. I know that deep down she’s a really nice person.”

To which my question was: “HOW deep?”

I mean, if you dig down deep enough into ANYONE, you’ll find some traces of decency and humanity buried in there, right? (As they say, Hitler loved his dogs.) But how deep do you have to dig, in order to find that goodness?

How much toxic waste do you have to claw through with your bare hands, before you reach any evidence of hidden kindness?

How many layers of concrete do you have to blast through, before that person will let you see their one deeply hidden molecule of niceness?

And how much abuse do you have to take, in the meanwhile?

And is that really how you want to spend your life? Exhaustively trying to excavate scraps of decency from someone who has basically buried their goodness beneath a rubble of darkness?

I have the same reaction whenever I hear someone make these kinds of statements:

“I know she seems rude, but deep down she’s actually really kind.”

“I know he acts stingy, but deep down, he’s truly generous.”

“I know he lied to me and cheated on me, but deep down he still loves me.”

“I know she has a horrible temper and says awful things to her children, but deep down she’s a sweetheart.”

I don’t know, you guys. I don’t like it.

I’m not saying that you should throw people away or condemn them. Every major religion in the world asks us to search for the common light of humanity that is hidden within everyone. Of course you should always look for the best within people. Of course it’s enlightened to give people the benefit of the doubt. Of course it’s the highest virtue to forgive others for their shortcomings, as we would be forgiven for ours. Of course it’s compassionate to look at the difficult circumstances of a person’s life, in order to better understand why they may have turned out so broken, bitter, and mean. (Remember, though: Lots of other people had equally difficult destinies — or worse — and still find ways to be kind and generous to others.)

But it doesn’t mean you have to voluntarily expose yourself to abuse and cruelty.

Without denying the possibility that every thorn has its rose, I think it’s wise to keep your distance from people who repeatedly and consistently demonstrate injurious, neglectful, or flat-out cruel behavior. You can pray for them and wish the best for them, but you might want to cross the street when you see them coming, just to be on the safe side.

I don’t think it makes you extra spiritual to keep putting yourself in the pathway of degradation and suffering just because you have decided that — against all available evidence — this cruel person is actually a sweet person.

Generally speaking, people are pretty much what they show you they are — not what you wish they were.

People who behave cruelly toward you are more or less cruel people.

People who behave nicely toward you are generally nice people. (Unless they are full-on sociopaths, of course, which most people are not.)

You can almost always count on that.

That being the case, I think you’re allowed to choose what sort of people with whom you wish to spend the precious waking hours of your one rare and beautiful life.

I choose to spend my life with people who are not afraid to wear their goodness and their niceness on the OUTSIDE.

I choose to spend my time with people who aren’t afraid to show love, or to receive love.

I choose to share my life with the nice humans.

I don’t find nice humans to be boring; I find them to be an oasis.

Keep it simple: Be nice to others, be nice to yourself.



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Aamiin ya Rabbal Alamiin..

Insha Allah, you will get in the habit of reading Suratul Kahf every Friday. You can begin on Thursday evening as it is technically “the night of Friday” once Maghrib has arrived.
Something to make it easier is to read along with a well-known reciter.

Suratul Kahf Makkan Surah
18th Surah in the Qur’an
It’s ayat number 110

Preferences of the Surah
There are many ahadeeth that enumerate the blessings of this surah in its entirety and regarding the first or last ten ayat.
1. Abu Darda’ ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ related that the Holy Prophet ~ ~ said, ” One who memorized the first ten verses of Suratul Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) . Another version says: “One who commits to his memory the last 10 verses of this surah will remain immune from the Dajjal. [Muslim]

2. From Baihaqi: He who recites Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah (Friday), Allah will shine a light for him between the two Fridays. [sahih]

3. From Ahmad, Muslim, An-Nisaa’ie, and Ibn Habban — that Abu Darda’ said the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, “Whoever reads the last 10 ayat from Suratul Kahf, he will be immune from the fitnah (corruption) of the Dajjal.

4. Al Bukhari, Muslim and others: Al Baraa’ said a man was reading Suratul Kahf in his home and there was an animal in it (it did not specify if it was a cat or dog or goat — it just used the general term for animal) that started to become uneasy or nervous. He looked up and saw a mist or a cloud and it deceived him. He mentioned it to the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ and he said, “Read (he said the person’s name) for verily sakinah descends for (the recitation of) Qur’an”. The person who was reading was ‘Aseed bin Hadheer, as At-Tubraani explained.

5. From At-Tirmithi who proclaimed it sahih: Abu Darda’ said, “The Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, ‘Whoever reads 3 ayat from the beginning of Suratul Kahf is protected or immune from the fitnah of the Dajjal. In another version it says 10 ayat from the beginning of it or 10 ayat from the end of it.

6. Ibn Mardwiyah Al Daiya’ in “Al Mukhtaar” related that Ali ~ may Allah be pleased with him ~ said that the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said: “Whoever reads (Suratul) Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, he is immune for 8 days from all fitnah that will happen. When the Dajjal comes out, he will be immune to him.

7. Found in At-Tubraani’ s “Al Awsat” and Al Haakim’s “Mustadrak” and who declared it sahih, Ibn Mardwiyah and Al Baihaqi and Al Diyaa': Abu Saeed Al Khudari said that the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, “Whoever reads Suratul Kahf has a light for him from “maqaamahu” his place (where he is standing) to Makkah; and whoever reads 10 ayat from the end of it (the last 10 ayat) then the Dajjal comes out, he will not be harmed by him.

8. Al Haakim who said it is sahih — the hadith of Abu Saeed — that the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, “Whoever reads Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, a light will shine for him between the 2 Fridays (until the next Friday).Al Baihaqi also provided that hadith in “As Sunan” from the same narrators and from a different chain.

9. Ibn Mardwiyah from Ibn Omar ~ may Allah be pleased with them both ~ who said the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, “Whoever reads Suratul Kahf on yaumul Jumuah, for him light would shine from beneath his foot to ‘Aden in the heavens, shining for him on the Last Day and he will be forgiven for what occurs between the 2 Fridays (minor sins)

10. On the authority of Aiesha ~may Allah be pleased with her~ the Messenger of Allah ~ ~ said, “Shall I not inform you of a surah which is so full of greatness it reaches between the heaven and earth and it has blessings written for it of similar proportions (from the sky to earth) whoever reads it on yaumul Jumuah is forgiven what occurred between that Jumuah and the next, in addition to 3 days (i.e. 10 days in all) and whoever reads the last five ayat of it when he goes to sleep, Allah will send him that night what he wants? They said, Yes, O Messenger of Allah. He said: Surat Ashaabul Kahf. [I pray that I have translated this correctly. May Allah forgive me if I have not conveyed it correctly as these are the words the His Messenger, peace be upon him.]

[My note: Subhaanallah, I truly marvel at all the ways, the opportunities Allah, Most Merciful, gives us to reach Paradise and to protect us from harm. So many of the above ahadeeth make reference to the Dajjal. Now, we may read this and think, “Well, the chances are slim that we’ll be confronted with this situation,” however, we never know. We know that the emergence of the Dajjal is to happen during the last days before Yaumul Qiyammah, but these “days” are not the 24 hours that make up our daily lives, no, these are really time periods that are set to happen by our Creator, azzau wa jal.
I recall my first readings about the Dajjal and it did scare me a bit because he will seem to be so powerful and will be able to produce many miracles or what will seem to be miracles. Many good people will be fooled or deceived by him and follow. It will be disconcerting to others to see known pious or good people followi ng what the Dajjal says. This is very scary and it will tend to mislead those weak in faith.

It will be an extremely trying time and the fact that he will be given the ability to offer people a choice between what seems to be certain death or life where that which appears as death (fire) will actually be safe is very frightening, but the true believer, when forced to make that decision will choose fire rather than kufr. It will be very frightening. We don’t know exactly how this will occur or even when, but we have seen many of the signs of the last days come to pass so it is not farfetched to feel, to think that we are living in some of the last days before the Last Day.

Therefore, it is a blessing and a mercy from Allah to have this surah as a protection from those days of fitnah ahead. We don’t know if these days will occur during our life time or during the lifetime of our children. We should “tie the camel” by memorizing these ayat and encourage our family to do so and their children and their children and so forth so that when it does occur, we and our children and their offspring will be protected. We just don’t thank Allah enough for all His Blessings.

We can achieve this great protection by memorizing a few words — subhaallah wa nashkurahu] About the Surah Suratul Kahf is a Makkan surah and it is one of five surahs that begin with the phrase “Al Hamdulillah” ; they are — Al Faatihah, Al-An’aam, Al Kahf, Saba’ and Faatir. Each of these surahs beginwith praising Allah, jala wa ‘ala, and His Holiness, recognizing His Greatness, Magnificence, Majesty and Perfection. This surah brings us three inspiring and impressive Qur’anic stories, by way of / or for the purpose of confirming its basic purpose of extablishing the correct Aqeedah (Islamic beliefs) and faith in the greatness of the Lord, Full of Majest and Honor.

As for the first story, it is the story of ‘As-haabul Kahf — the Companions of the Cave, a story which clarifies Islamic beliefs, a story about several believing youths who flea their country for the sake of their religion and take refuge in a mountain cave, then remain there asleep for 309 years. Then Allah reawakens them after this lengthy period.

The second story is the story of the Prophet Musa ~ ~ with Al-Khidr. It is a story having to do with seeking knowledge, and information or knowledge of the unseen (‘ilmul ghaib) which Allah chooses to make know to “al ‘abd as-saalih” Al-Khidr whilst Musa does not know until Al-Khidr) informs him, like the story of the boat, the circumstances around the killing of the youth and the building of the wall.

The third story is of “Thul Qarnain”, a king makannu Allah with taqwa (fear of Allah) and a heightened sense of justice, to extend his powers over the inhabited world and to possess mushaariq al ard wa maghaaribaha – the East of the earth and its West, and the issue of his building a great dam.
Just as the surah uses, for the purpose of its intent, these three stories, it also uses impressive examples in order to explain that the truth is not connected or linked to great wealth or power or sovereignty; it is only tied to correct beliefs. The first example give is the wealthy person who is extremely rich and the poor person “al m’utaza by his beliefs and his belief in the story of the companions of the gardens. The second example given is the “hayatu dunya” or the life of this world and what it consists of. The third example is of the arrogance, pride and deception of Iblis which resulted in his refusal to bow down before Adam ~ alaihi as salaam ` wa ma naalahu min at tarrad wal hurmaan.

Each of these stories and examples are meant to be taken as a lesson or moral as well as points for reflection.

The Name of the Surah ~ It is named Suratul Kahf because of the miraculous divine story in it, the wondrous, strange story of the Companions of the Cave


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Beauty, brains and grace

Tuanku Zara taking a closer look at the Dendrobium Tuanku Zara Salim named in her honour at the 7th International Orchid Festival.
Tuanku Zara taking a closer look at the Dendrobium Tuanku Zara Salim named in her honour at the 7th International Orchid Festival.

THE lovely and resplendent Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim was born on March 22, 1973, in Ipoh.

She is the youngest of four children of prominent lawyer Datuk Salim Davidson and Datin Sharifah Azaliah Tan Sri Syed Omar Shahabudin.

Her Royal Highness is the grandniece of first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

She had completed both her primary and secondary education at the Main Convent Ipoh.

She later enrolled in an A-Levels programme in Prime College in Kuala Lumpur.

She graduated with first-class honours in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham in Britain.

Upon her return from Britain in 1995, Tuanku Zara served in Petronas, the national petroleum company, for six years before joining an information technology company, Formis Malaysia Berhad.

Sultan Nazrin slipping a ring over the finger of Tuanku Zara after their marriage was solemnised at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar.

Sultan Nazrin slipping a ring over the finger of Tuanku Zara after their marriage was solemnised at Istana Iskandar in Kuala Kangsar.

In 2005, Her Royal Highness was appointed the managing director of Forthwave Consulting Sdn Bhd, a hydrocarbon consultancy.

Her Royal Highness is a keen sportswoman, and had represented Perak in swimming during her schooldays.

She married his Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah on May 17 in 2007 at Istana Iskandariah, Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar.

The next day, she was proclaimed the Raja Puan Besar Perak, and on June 20, 2014, the Raja Permaisuri Perak.

The royal couple have been blessed with a prince, Raja Azlan Muzzaffar Shah, and a princess, Raja Nazira Safya.

Her Royal Highness greeted by Girl Guides from SK Marian Convent during a Chinese New Year event held at the Tapah Mini Stadium in Perak.

Her Royal Highness greeted by Girl Guide from SK Marian Convent during a Chinese New Year event held at the Tapah Mini Stadium in Perak.

On July 9, 2007, a purple, hybrid orchid was named ‘Dendrobium Tuanku Zara Salim’ in honour of her visit to the 7th International Orchid Festival.

On Jan 1, 2012, Her Royal Highness was proclaimed the Chancellor of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

She is also a patron of the Family Health Society of Perak, Convent Girls Alumni and Perak Girl Guides.

source : The Star

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Prepaid or overpaid?

THE prepaid telephone card issue must be sorted out quickly, simply because it is threatening to make a farce of the just-implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST). Not only that, the increasingly confusing issue is driving consumers towards asking who is really in charge — the government or the telecommunication companies. In the beginning, the Customs Department said telcos must stop imposing the six per cent GST on prepaid reload cards. Then it agreed to allow them to impose the tax, but with an added benefit to consumers in the form of additional talk time. Then it said prepaid reload cards must be free from GST immediately, only to be disputed later by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), which said it would be costly for the telcos to re-calibrate their system to one that does not impose GST at all.

The Customs Department then made an about-turn when it said it would indefinitely postpone its directive that prepaid reload cards must be free from GST. This, too, was refuted by the deputy finance minister, who said there was an earlier cabinet directive that no GST shall be imposed on prepaid reload cards. Caught in the middle are the prepaid customers, who largely comprise youths and the ordinary working-class group. Consumers are getting confused and public discussions have gone beyond just having to pay the six per cent GST for the reload cards to suggesting, rightly or wrongly, that each of the authorities governing the industry as well as those tasked with implementing the GST are not on the same page in this issue.

There should be no dispute here. The cabinet must be the highest authority and its decision to make prepaid reload cards free from GST must be adhered to. The present confusion has, instead, led to the public questioning why the authorities are seemingly on the telcos’ side.

While that remains unverified, having such thoughts itself on the part of the public is not helping the government’s efforts to make Malaysians understand the benefits of the GST in the first place. The confusion isn’t good for the telecommunication sector as well, for just like in any other business, the sector, too, would expect a certain degree of certainty in terms of rules and regulations.

Uncertainty is, by far, the No. 1 enemy for business. Indeed, a period of adjustment and initial setback are only to be expected. The GST is, after all, the most major overhaul ever undertaken on Malaysia’s taxation system. Even as recent as last week, more items were still being added to the list of those not affected by the GST. But one would expect that things would only get clearer by the day. The confusion should not have happened in the first place as one would know who the highest authority would be in making decisions such as this. It is not too late to remedy the situation. Let us be done with all this confusion and let the cabinet decision stand that no GST shall be imposed on the prepaid reload cards

source : NSTP

one time they say this, and the next person say that, which made consumers more furious and unhappy. Who is the one making decision here -Telecommunication companies, Customs Department, MCMC or The Goverment (I know MCMC & Customs Dept are govt body but where so much bruhaha on these?-Mydestiny2011

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Stick to 55, members tell EPF

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians reacted strongly to EPF’s four proposals, including aligning the full withdrawal age with the retirement age of 60.

Mohrer Dom said on social medial that the choice of full withdrawal should remain at the age of 55, regardless of whether there were four or 40 options from the Employees Provident Fund.

“Why is EPF being a busybody with other people’s money?” he asked.

Marc Leon Herbert posted on Facebook that retirees should not be fooled by the option of realigning the withdrawal age to 60.

“We should stick to withdrawal at 55 without conditions attached,” he added.

Kavita Anbarasu said EPF should stick to the status quo. “Health and strength levels at the age of 55 and 60 are not the same. Within the five years, people can even die,” she said.

“At 55, at least they can enjoy their money by travelling. At 60, what do you expect them to do? They will be too old.”

David Lee said the current option of withdrawal in full at 55 should remain, unless the member preferred to save his or her money in the EPF to earn further interest at a good rate.

source : The Star

“Why is EPF being a busybody with other people’s money?”-(I like this statement). Why is EPF is so adamant about keeping our money? Not many people live up to 75, and very few live up to the age of 100 years old. ~mydestiny2011



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To 10 annoying habits on social media

Think before you post something, is it useful, is it true, is it important? Just some reflections of things some of us do on social medias. No offense. I too used to do some of these before :)-mydestiny2011

JUST ABOUT everyone uses social media for a variety of reasons, including to post photos, share their feelings, to catch up on the news or to see what others are up to.

While its appeal includes being a simple and useful platform, some of our online habits may unintentionally be rubbing others the wrong way.

This week, Metro Online ( shares a non-exhaustive list of annoying habits that we may be guilty of, in no particular order.

1. Not thinking before sharing

Recklessly sharing information online when one has no way of verifying its credibility can do more harm than good.

Some old news may resurface from time to time and there are others who take pleasure in misinforming the public by posting false news, such as a death of a celebrity.

It is a challenge to identify what is real and what isn’t.

A general rule of thumb is to question what you read and see online. If in doubt, don’t share at all.

1. Think before clicking share

2. Posting daily selfies

Few would bat an eyelid at the occasional selfie but eye-rolling will happen when one’s newsfeed sees a constant stream of a friend’s face.

Some may argue that it is their prerogative to post harmless photos of themselves but no one needs a daily reminder of what you look like.

2. Posting daily selfies

3. Constant status updates

Everyone wants a platform to be heard and social media is the way to go. However, constant updates throughout the day can get annoying for some, more so when they are mundane or overly negative, such as bemoaning certain aspects of one’s life or criticising others, including family members and colleagues.

Remember that not all our thoughts are gems and limiting these status updates can be a good thing.

4. Constant status updates

4. Couples who are overly affectionate online

“Despite working until 11pm, my boyfriend drove to my house just so he could give me a hug before heading back home,” or “My girlfriend spent the whole afternoon baking my favourite goodies.”

Are you guilty of frequent online displays of affection?

It’s okay to share particularly sweet gestures occasionally but to do so in front of your 400 Facebook friends several times a day can be too much.

3. Couples who are overly affectionate online

5. Parents who overshare information on their kids

Children are the pride and joy of parents and it is only natural to share pictures or anecdotes of the funny things that they say or do with friends. However, frequent postings with up-to-the-minute details of your child’s day is unneccessary.

It’s fine to share particularly funny or cute occurrences but for everything else, you may want to save it for your close family members.

5. Parents who overshare information on their kids

6. Incessantly posting photos of food and drinks

An annoying craze that many of us may be guilty of committing is religiously photographing our food and fancy coffee art.

We hit cafes and eateries that serve Instagram-worthy grub but not everybody cares about what you may be eating in that moment. Appetising food that fill up our newsfeeds can get annoying — more so when one is on a diet.

6. Incessantly posting photos of food and drinks

7. The fitness enthusiast show-off

From constantly sharing a screenshot of your runs and workout summary to posting daily gym selfies or your latest workout gear, this is undoubtedly another irritating trend.

While healthy living is what we should aim to incorporate into our lives, showing off your activities may not necessarily inspire others to do the same. Conversely, it can come across as boastful or narcissistic.

7. The fitness enthusiast

8. People who hashtag too much

Hashtags are useful when one needs to find trending topics or search for matters of interest. Unfortunately, too many people abuse them. Not every post deserves a hashtag and too many hashtags can get annoying.

Further aggravating your peers is the use of hashtags that are unrelated to your post. Do your friends a favour by keeping it relevant.

8. People who hashtag too much

9. Posting too many motivational quotes

Everyone needs a boost from time to time and motivational quotes can help pick us up when we are feeling down. While such quotes can serve as a good reminder for us to get going in life, a constant flood of these messages can eventually lose its impact. You may see less likes, shares, retweets or favourites in due time.

9. Posting too many motivational quotes

10. People who check in everywhere

Some of us are obsessed with letting people know our whereabouts by “checking in” on social media in real-time. If you have an open account, you are not only opening the door to the public to see what you are up to, but it is an invitation for predators to stalk you. If you must, check in only after you have left the location.


source : The Star

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