Stick to 55, members tell EPF

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians reacted strongly to EPF’s four proposals, including aligning the full withdrawal age with the retirement age of 60.

Mohrer Dom said on social medial that the choice of full withdrawal should remain at the age of 55, regardless of whether there were four or 40 options from the Employees Provident Fund.

“Why is EPF being a busybody with other people’s money?” he asked.

Marc Leon Herbert posted on Facebook that retirees should not be fooled by the option of realigning the withdrawal age to 60.

“We should stick to withdrawal at 55 without conditions attached,” he added.

Kavita Anbarasu said EPF should stick to the status quo. “Health and strength levels at the age of 55 and 60 are not the same. Within the five years, people can even die,” she said.

“At 55, at least they can enjoy their money by travelling. At 60, what do you expect them to do? They will be too old.”

David Lee said the current option of withdrawal in full at 55 should remain, unless the member preferred to save his or her money in the EPF to earn further interest at a good rate.

source : The Star

“Why is EPF being a busybody with other people’s money?”-(I like this statement). Why is EPF is so adamant about keeping our money? Not many people live up to 75, and very few live up to the age of 100 years old. ~mydestiny2011



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To 10 annoying habits on social media

Think before you post something, is it useful, is it true, is it important? Just some reflections of things some of us do on social medias. No offense. I too used to do some of these before :)-mydestiny2011

JUST ABOUT everyone uses social media for a variety of reasons, including to post photos, share their feelings, to catch up on the news or to see what others are up to.

While its appeal includes being a simple and useful platform, some of our online habits may unintentionally be rubbing others the wrong way.

This week, Metro Online ( shares a non-exhaustive list of annoying habits that we may be guilty of, in no particular order.

1. Not thinking before sharing

Recklessly sharing information online when one has no way of verifying its credibility can do more harm than good.

Some old news may resurface from time to time and there are others who take pleasure in misinforming the public by posting false news, such as a death of a celebrity.

It is a challenge to identify what is real and what isn’t.

A general rule of thumb is to question what you read and see online. If in doubt, don’t share at all.

1. Think before clicking share

2. Posting daily selfies

Few would bat an eyelid at the occasional selfie but eye-rolling will happen when one’s newsfeed sees a constant stream of a friend’s face.

Some may argue that it is their prerogative to post harmless photos of themselves but no one needs a daily reminder of what you look like.

2. Posting daily selfies

3. Constant status updates

Everyone wants a platform to be heard and social media is the way to go. However, constant updates throughout the day can get annoying for some, more so when they are mundane or overly negative, such as bemoaning certain aspects of one’s life or criticising others, including family members and colleagues.

Remember that not all our thoughts are gems and limiting these status updates can be a good thing.

4. Constant status updates

4. Couples who are overly affectionate online

“Despite working until 11pm, my boyfriend drove to my house just so he could give me a hug before heading back home,” or “My girlfriend spent the whole afternoon baking my favourite goodies.”

Are you guilty of frequent online displays of affection?

It’s okay to share particularly sweet gestures occasionally but to do so in front of your 400 Facebook friends several times a day can be too much.

3. Couples who are overly affectionate online

5. Parents who overshare information on their kids

Children are the pride and joy of parents and it is only natural to share pictures or anecdotes of the funny things that they say or do with friends. However, frequent postings with up-to-the-minute details of your child’s day is unneccessary.

It’s fine to share particularly funny or cute occurrences but for everything else, you may want to save it for your close family members.

5. Parents who overshare information on their kids

6. Incessantly posting photos of food and drinks

An annoying craze that many of us may be guilty of committing is religiously photographing our food and fancy coffee art.

We hit cafes and eateries that serve Instagram-worthy grub but not everybody cares about what you may be eating in that moment. Appetising food that fill up our newsfeeds can get annoying — more so when one is on a diet.

6. Incessantly posting photos of food and drinks

7. The fitness enthusiast show-off

From constantly sharing a screenshot of your runs and workout summary to posting daily gym selfies or your latest workout gear, this is undoubtedly another irritating trend.

While healthy living is what we should aim to incorporate into our lives, showing off your activities may not necessarily inspire others to do the same. Conversely, it can come across as boastful or narcissistic.

7. The fitness enthusiast

8. People who hashtag too much

Hashtags are useful when one needs to find trending topics or search for matters of interest. Unfortunately, too many people abuse them. Not every post deserves a hashtag and too many hashtags can get annoying.

Further aggravating your peers is the use of hashtags that are unrelated to your post. Do your friends a favour by keeping it relevant.

8. People who hashtag too much

9. Posting too many motivational quotes

Everyone needs a boost from time to time and motivational quotes can help pick us up when we are feeling down. While such quotes can serve as a good reminder for us to get going in life, a constant flood of these messages can eventually lose its impact. You may see less likes, shares, retweets or favourites in due time.

9. Posting too many motivational quotes

10. People who check in everywhere

Some of us are obsessed with letting people know our whereabouts by “checking in” on social media in real-time. If you have an open account, you are not only opening the door to the public to see what you are up to, but it is an invitation for predators to stalk you. If you must, check in only after you have left the location.


source : The Star

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What British People Say Vs What They Mean

Is this true British? 

 Thinkstock / Shitty Watercolour / Sphere / BuzzFeed

1. “Blitz spirit” – The collective quality of quiet heroism which enables us to withstand calamities such as a tube strike, hosepipe ban, or 5cm of snow.
2. “Dunkirk spirit” – Stoical and good-natured response to flooding, usually involving the stockpiling of sandbags.
3. “Bank holiday” – Three-day drinking binge.
4. “Public holiday” – Excuse for being pissed from lunchtime.
5. “Christmas day” – Excuse for being pissed by 10am.
6. “Christmas break” – Fourteen uninterrupted days of Baileys-soaked indolence.
7. “Boxing day sales” – Zombie apocalypse.
8. “The bit between Christmas and New Year” – Bizarre state of purgatory during which we rehearse for old age by shambling round the house asking each other what day it is.
9. “Whose round is it?” – I know exactly whose round it is.
10. “Excuse me, I think I was actually ahead of you in the queue” – You are loathsome and I am inwardly fantasising about your slow and agonising death.
11. “No, no, after you” – We are locked in a politeness vortex. This may never end.
12. “Tea or coffee?” – The choice you make will colour my opinion of you, possibly forever.
13. “Milk, sugar?” – Careful now: There is a right and wrong answer to this.
14. “Milk, no sugar please” – Is the correct answer.
15. “Two sugars, please” – I am a manual labourer.
16. “I don’t drink tea” – I am not to be trusted.
17. “Fond of a drink” – Raging alcoholic.
18. “The odd tipple” – I throw gallons of booze down my neck at every available opportunity.

Shitty Watercolour / Sphere

19. “Eurosceptic politician” – Appalling racist.
20. “Provocative newspaper columnist” – Git.
21. “Conservative MP” – Git who went to Eton.
22. “Doesn’t suffer fools gladly” – Heartless bastard.
23. “A bit of a character” – Social pariah.
24. “Did you find the place OK?” – We will now have a painfully detailed five-minute conversation about the relative merits of different A roads.
25. “Ooh, nice” – You have just told me where you’ve been on holiday.
26. “Ooh, nice” – You have just told me where you live.
27. “Ooh, nice” – You have just told me what you had for lunch.
28. “Ooh, nice” – You have just told me your weekend plans.
29. “…” – You have just unburdened yourself emotionally to me.
30. “Well, we timed this well” – We have made a car journey and experienced only moderate traffic.
31. “What do you make of this weather we’ve been having?” – We have nothing in common, but I’d like to avoid an awkward silence if at all possible.

32. “Record-breaking temperatures” – Middling temperatures.
33. “Summertime” – Two-week period of collective insanity during which men think it’s acceptable to walk down the high street with their shirts off.
34. “Would you listen to that rain” – There is nothing remarkable about this rain, but I’m going to mention it anyway.
35. “You’re looking well” – You’ve obviously been going to the gym, and I secretly hate you for it.
36. “I think I’ve caught the sun a bit” – My skin is roughly the colour of an overheating nuclear reactor.
37. “Out of town shopping centre” – Circle of hell.
38. “High street” – Row of betting shops.
39. “Town centre nightclub” – Horrendous meat market.
40. “Urban redevelopment” – We’ve got a Zizzi now.
41. “Where do you live?” – How expensive is your house?
42. “What do you do?” – How much do you earn?
43. “New money” – Rich person I am jealous of.
44. “Old money” – Rich person I am deferential to.
45. “Fine” – I disagree with what you just said with every fibre of my being.
46. “Nonsense. Don’t mention it” – You have wronged me, and I will replay this incident in my head until the day I die.
47. “Mustn’t grumble” – Will definitely grumble.
48. “Let’s agree to disagree” – I loathe you with an intensity that will burn within my soul for all eternity.
49. “With the greatest respect” – I think you’re a total moron.
50. “Let’s come back to that” – Please do not speak in this meeting again.
51. “Correct me if I’m wrong” – I am 100% certain I am not wrong.
52. “With all due respect” – I disagree with your point of view entirely.
53. “Sounds good” – I wish this didn’t sound sarcastic.
54. “Sounds great” – Oh god, this sounds even more sarcastic, doesn’t it?
55. “Yeah, go on then, why not?” – I will be having another drink, if not several.

Shitty Watercolour / Sphere

56. “I’m fine” – I am moments away from a devastating mental collapse.
57. “I’ll bear it in mind” – Let us never mention this again.
58. “I’m sure it’s my fault” – It’s your fault.
59. “Chuffed” – Experiencing heart-racing euphoria.
60. “Not too bad, actually” – I’m possibly the happiest I have ever been.
61. “A bit miffed” – I’ve been ripped apart by a tsunami of pain and sorrow.
62. “Down in the dumps” – Severe depressive episode.
63. “Under the weather” – Close to death.
64. “Gutted” – Suicidal.
65. “Peeved” – Consumed with rage.
66. “Can’t complain” – But I’m going to anyway.
67. “Oh dear” – A life-altering catastrophe has just occurred.

Shitty Watercolour / Sphere

68. “You must come round for dinner” – Under no circumstances should you consider this an actual invitation.
69. “Let’s meet up for a drink soon” – This will never, ever, ever happen.
70. “Something’s come up, I’m afraid” – I’ve decided I can’t face an evening in your company after all.
71. “Dinner party” – Excuse for drinking lots of wine and shouting about how good Breaking Bad is.
72. “Would you like a tour of the house?” – Our house is worth a lot of money and we would like to show off about it.
73. “House party” – Overrated event during which acquaintances argue over what to play next on Spotify for four hours, then vomit on the sofa.
74. “I’m going to Glastonbury” – And I’m going to keep banging on about it until it makes you want to karate chop me in the larynx.
75. “I’m going to Reading and Leeds” – I used to be an emo and I can’t let it go.
76. “I’m going to V Festival” – I am the star of a second-rate scripted reality show.
77. “I’m going to Latitude” – I’m a Guardian reader.
78. “I’m going to Bestival” – I am a 40-something former raver.
79. “I’m going to T in the Park” – It’s 10 days away and I have started drinking already.

Shity Watercolour / Sphere

80. “Mate” – You are very much not my mate, and there is a strong chance I am about to punch you.
81. “Mate” – I didn’t catch your name when we were introduced, and it’s too late now to ask.
82. “Matey” – I like to think I’m a lovable salt-of-the-earth Cockney, despite having gone to Harrow.
83. “Guv” – I am a London cab driver, and will now tell you my views on immigration.
83. “Fella” – I think I’m Vinny Jones.
84. “Bruv” – I think I’m Danny Dyer.
85. “Dude” – I am trying very hard to sound American, and it’s really awkward for everyone concerned.
86. “Sorry” – You have just trodden on my foot.
87. “Sorry” – You have just bumped into me and caused me to spill an entire tray of drinks.
88. “Sorry” – You have just fallen asleep on the tube and drooled on my shoulder.
89. “Sorry” – You have just smashed into the back of my car.
90. “You look nice” – You have never looked more beautiful.
91. “Alright you fat wanker, what are you drinking?” – You are my best friend and I love you.


p/s : As for me I appreciate that you speak the truth. Just say it! :)~mydestiny2011

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Dua for Rajab Syaaban RamadanAamiin ya Rabbal Alamiin


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Only restaurants, hotels with collective agreements allowed to impose service charge

PUTRAJAYA: Effective Monday, restaurants and hotels will not be allowed to impose service charge unless they have employer-employee collective agreements in place.

Domestic Trade and Consumerism secretary-general Datuk Seri Alias Ahmad said the instruction is temporary, until the Government figures out a way to regulate the collection of service charges.

“At present, there is no official body or ruling that regulates the collection of service charge. It is an age-old international practice. However, as we have received many complaints from consumers, we came to this decision,” said Alias at a press conference, Monday.

He added that businesses must install clear displays if service charges are being imposed.

“It is important for consumers to know what sort of service they are getting if these places are charging for service,” he said.

Businesses that do not have a collective agreement on service charges but still continue to impose it will be subject to action under the Anti-Profiteering Act.


source : The Star

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Chopper crash: Home Minister confirms Jamaluddin on board

PETALING JAYA: Rompin MP Tan Sri Jamaluddin Jarjis (pic) and five others were killed when the helicopter they were in crashed at rubber plantation along Jalan Sungai Lalang near Kampung Sungai Pening in Semenyih, Kajang on Saturday.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirmed that Jamaluddin was on board the helicopter which was enroute from Kuantan to Subang.

The others were Kedah businessman Datuk Robert Tan, Datuk Seri Azlin Alias, the Private Secretary General at the Prime Minister’s Office, a person by the name of Ajdiana Baiziera, pilot Capt Cliff Fournier and a bodyguard identified as Raskan.

Police confirmed that all six died in the crash.

“We are still gathering information on the crash.

“The police are working with the Fire and Rescue Department,” Zahid said.

Eye-witnesses said the helicopter exploded in mid-air at about 4.50pm. It crashed into a rubber plantation and burst into flames.


source : The Star

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Dr Mahathir: I’m not senile, Barisan will lose if Najib remains as PM


PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) fears that Umno and Barisan Nasional will lose the 14th general election if Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak remains as the Prime Minister.

In a strongly worded statement posted on his blog, on Thursday, Dr Mahathir said many members and leaders from Umno supported Najib blindly.

“When Umno loses, Malays will criticise the leadership for making the sacred party weak until it is rejected by the Malays themselves.

“Once Umno loses, it can never recover,” warned Dr Mahathir.

The former premier added that he is loyal but his loyalty is only for the party and the Malays representing it.

“It is not easy for me to write this blog, but from the people and the country, I have to reveal all this.

“I am not senile although I am nearly reaching 90 years old. Those who say I am senile are just lying to themselves.

“Malays will only be safe if they care for their community instead of themselves,” he said.

Dr Mahathir claimed that people from all races would no longer trust Najib because he did not answer the accusations hurled at him.

Some of the unanswered accusations hurled at Najib mentioned by Dr Mahathir in his blog are the Altantuya murder, 1MDB controversy and the purchase of a private jet for VVIP use.

source : The Star

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GST only on fee-based financial services


Image source : FB

PUTRAJAYA: Consumers need not fear they will be taxed heavily for financial transactions because GST will only be imposed on fee-based services, said Customs Department senior assistant director (finance and banking) Rozila Saad.

Financial services such as cash deposits or withdrawals, loans and bonds, late payment or finance charges, as well as interest earned from savings or fixed deposits were exempted from GST, she said.

However, processing fees which banks or registered financial institutions charged to perform these services would be taxed under GST.

Rozila dismissed claims circulating online that GST would be applied for money withdrawn from ATMs.

“If you withdraw RM3,000, GST will be imposed on the RM1 charged by banks for the MEPS service provided. We do not tax 6% GST from the amount you withdraw,” she told a media briefing yesterday.

As for overseas online purchases, Rozila said GST, instead of the exis­ting sales tax, would be imposed on the total value of the product after calculating its CIF (cost, insurance and freight) value and import duty.

She said consumers could see sa­vings in this area when GST kicked in as sales tax currently ranges from zero to 10% depending on the item.

For a list of GST treatment for more than 300 general bank pro­ducts and services, as well as a set of frequently asked questions, visit the Association of Banks in Malaysia’s website at

More GST-related information, legislation, guidelines and services can also be found on the Customs Department’s GST website

Article from The Star

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KTM ETS Butterworth -KL in Four Hour

KUALA LUMPUR: People are looking forward to the speed railway project linking Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar which is expected to be operational soon (expected in June)

Electric Train Service (ETS) which developed the Malayan Railway (KTM Berhad) -the train can run at a speed of 140 miles per hour and will gives more comfort to the passengers travelling from Padang Besar to Kuala Lumpur.

Currently the service is linking Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur and the travel period is two hours..

Through the same service, it is expected to be made available for more people, especially those living in the northern area.

The news was shared on social networking site Facebook by Mukhriz Mahathir FC, yesterday who uploaded some photos which showed KTM in the process of test-run for the journey from North to Kuala Lumpur.

The entry specifies the duration of the trip that took about 4 hours to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar.

Among the  excited social networking site users, Deck Tan said:

“Wow …can’t wait  to ride this KTM’s new electric train .. It will be much easier to travel anywhere after this”.

“Congratulations Kedah !! It’s the great idea and a delegation of Tun Mahathir. The greatness down to the child’s father (Mukhriz  Mahathir) , “commented Jim Nurul Hidayah.

However, there are also a handful of social networking site users which questioned the possibility of expensive tickets.

“Thank you BN (Barisan Nasional) … prices rose by 50%,” said James Yeoh in the entry.

Earlier, Chairman of the KTM, Datuk Ahmad Nawawi stated that recent service will be fully operational by January 2016.

However, the first operation is expected to start in June between Butterworth and Kuala Lumpur.


 article  translated  from Malaysian

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King Saud University has issued long-awaited copy of Quran dont leave a friend and any one you know, but sent him this Quran. They have made great efforts in preparation. Full complete Quran and its interpretation just by touching the screen from left to right.
Voice + recite + translation + interpretation

please feel free to share this. ~MyDestiny2011

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