Anwar’s defence ‘uncredible’ over sodomy charge, says court

PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal ruled that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s statement from the dock over his sodomy charge was a mere denial, according to the written judgment made available to the media on Friday.

This was held by the panel chaired by Justice Balia Yusof Wahi in their sentencing Anwar to five years’ jail for sodomising his former aide in 2008. Two other judges in the coram are Court of Appeal judges Justices Aziah Ali and Mohd Zawawi Salleh.

In the 85-page written judgment, the panel said that the bare denial by Anwar, 67, over the sodomy allegations by his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan does not amount to any doubt whatsoever.

“A credible defence is one that answers the evidence thrown at it by the prosecution.

“It is also imperative that the respondent (Anwar) explains his case.

“For the respondent to succeed in his defence, it is incumbent upon him to adduce evidence which can answer the allegations in the charge,” they said.

The three judges said that Anwar did not even deny that he was at the scene of the crime at the material time and date as stated in the charge.

He said Anwar also did not dispute the fact that Mohd Saiful had brought an envelope to him at the place of incident.

They said that the statement from the dock is evidence but it is not entitled to the same weight as sworn testimony.

“In our view, the trial judge in the instant appeal could quite properly wonder why the respondent (Anwar) had elected to make an unsworn statement; that it could not be because he had conscientious objection to taking the oath since, if he had, he could affirm.

“Could it be that the respondent was reluctant to put his evidence to the test of cross-examination? If so, why?” they asked.

The panel said further that: “He (Anwar) had nothing to fear from unfair questions because he would be fully protected from this by his own counsel (late lead counsel Karpal Singh) and by the court.”

The court had on March 7 found Anwar guilty over the sodomy charge. The panel further stressed that Anwar had given notice on alibi and listed 14 witnesses in support of his alibi before commencement of the sodomy trial but never pursued for reasons best known to him.

“It is pertinent to note that an alibi represents a complete defence to exculpate the respondent from the offence charged,” they said.

The Court of Appeal also held that the delay of the complainant in lodging a police report over the sodomy allegations against Anwar was not fatal to the prosecution’s case.

The late Karpal Singh, who was the lead counsel for Anwar in Sodomy II trial, had submitted that the credibility of Mohd Saiful had been eroded by his delay in making his police report which was done only two days after the alleged incident.

Karpal urged the appellate court to revisit and reappraise Mohd Saiful’s evidence. It was submitted that Mohd Saiful’s conduct after the alleged incident renders his evidence preposterous to be believed.

The panel chaired by Justice Balia Yusof Wahi, however, ruled that if there was cogent and acceptable explanation offered for the delay, it loses its significance.

“We wish to add that delay in the lodging of the police report is not by itself fatal to the case for the prosecution nor can delay itself create any suspicion about the truthfulness of the version given by the informant just as a prompt lodging of the report may be no guarantee about its being wholly truthful,” the panel said.

Anwar was charged with sodomising Saiful, then 23, at a Desa Damansara condominium unit in Bukit Damansara between 3.10 pm and 4.30 pm on June 26, 2008.

Source : The Star

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Stop Killing Yourself! 25 Ways You are Secretly Doing Yourself In

A great article to ponder..

Life is so weird isn’t it?

We are taught from a very early age that if we think certain ways and do certain things, all will be well. We will find our perfect love and live happily ever after.

It doesn’t take long to realize that it is a load of BUNK, but we have no true information to take the place of the weird ideas that were supposed to make our lives wonderful.

Also, there are many ways we do ourselves in without knowing it and in order to knock it off, we have to dig down deep and root out the false ideas that have been sold to us. These false ideas make us decide to do the destructive things.
1. Spending time with the wrong people

I learned very early on that in order to be successful in life, you had to hang out with successful people. People who view themselves as failures look for and find all kinds of excuses for their failure.

They then give you these excuses as though they are fact. If you start believing them, you fail too. Simple.

Hang out with successful people and do what they do. See what works for them and what doesn’t. Then do the things that have worked.

There is no secret to success other than finding out how to do it. And who knows how better than someone successful?
2. Running away from difficult situations.

When you run away from your problems, guess, what? They come with you!

Like the parking ticket that you decide to ignore, they grow and grow until they cannot be ignored any longer.

Take the time to look over your life and see if there are any problems that you are not confronting and handling. If so, have a look at what the actual problem is and do something about it. Even if you don’t handle it all at once, at least you will have started.
3. Allowing people to destroy you.

There are certain people in life who are out to destroy not only you, but everyone in their environment. They are a small percentage of people but the damage they do is horrible.

You will know these people because they constantly put you down, stomp on your dreams, pretend that they are helping you when they are actually crushing you. You will know them too by how well or poorly your life goes when they are near.

Ruthlessly weed them out of your life and watch things smooth right out. It is almost magical.
4. Not taking responsibility.

Responsibility has gotten a bad rap these days because too many people think it means blame.

They think that if they admit that they caused something and it went bad, they should be condemned. This is a wrong idea shoved on us by a society that wants everyone to be passive and not do anything.

People are not rewarded for causing things to happen. They are slammed for it. Even if what they caused was good. This makes people want to avoid responsibility which is really just acknowledging that you caused something to happen. Understand that this is a manipulation to keep you sitting down and quiet.

Go make things happen, and know that you have done it for better or for worse. Don’t be afraid.

If those around you are not ok with you being dynamic and a mover and shaker, you are in the wrong company. Go find other movers and shakers and go move mountains.
5. Being someone else.

My radio co host, Sally Nutter talks about this a lot.

When you try to be someone else so that others will like you, it is damaging for two reasons:

First, you are as much as admitting that you are not ok and have to be someone else to be accepted. This is false. You are good. You do have a lot to offer the world even if it is only your opinion.

Secondly, if others do not like who you really are, you are in the wrong company. Simple!

Sometimes it takes a really long time to find people who are similar to you and have the same ideas about things. You can feel adrift in a choppy sea when you know you are the only one who thinks the way you do.

Go find your group. It is out there somewhere. I promise. It took me half a lifetime to find mine but it was worth every second I spent searching.
6. Holding onto past painful events.

Decisions made in times of pain and anguish, affect you from that point on. Do your best to look at things in the present and realize that there may be times when past pain clouds your judgement.

Understand this and really look at everything in present time.
7. Being afraid to fail.

The big tendency in the media today, is to dig up a past mistake on someone’s part and blast it all over the front pages, out of context. This ruins the person who has been  targeted. This is evil and people who do this have crimes of their own, much worse than anything they are blasting about their victim.

In the early days of silent film, film star, Fatty Arbuckle was framed for murder. He was tried in the media thanks to William Randolph Hearst who admitted that he targeted Mr. Arbuckle. Depite Fatty Arbuckle being completely exonerated in court and an apology issued by the judge for the destruction of his career, Mr. Arbuckle was completely ruined because “Nobody wanted to go see a film starring a murderer and rapist.” He died a broken man. His only crime was being famous.

This vile behavior continues today and certain stupid people pick up on it and imitate it. This makes even the everyday person fearful of doing anything.

The remedy for this is simple. Go out and make things happen. If someone tries to make you wrong for it, hold your position; if they make a stink, start looking into their background. Don’t be surprised by what you find.

If you keep your integrity, more people will respect you than hate you. If you hide, you will never get anything done and you will not respect yourself which is more important.
8. Waiting until you are ready.

Life is funny. Things can be here one minute and gone the next.

If you want to do something important, you have to do it now. If it is a long term project, start it. Put target dates on your action items and get started.
9. Putting yourself last.

This never works! Your life is divided into parts. All parts have to be in balance with each other or they fall apart. How can you be there and strong for others if you are ill or exhausted?

Get your sleep. Eat well. Take your vitamins. Keep your personal things in order. If you go by the boards, there will be no one to do all the things you do for everyone else. You have a DUTY to care for yourself.
10. Being envious.

I see this a lot. People who are envious seek to tear down those who have something they do not have and want.

When you destroy someone else, you destroy yourself. Call it Karma or whatever, but it is a truth in life.

Go to that person and find out how they got what they wanted and then go do those things. There is NO reason that you cannot have everything you want in life. Go learn how to get it.
11. Complaining about things and being unwilling to do anything to fix it.

I love people who complain about something and put forth NO SOLUTION. Anyone can do that.

If something is not right you should complain, but never do it unless you have a solution.

It is the difference between being completely effected by things or the powerful cause of things. You can choose which one to be. I can tell you that powerful cause is much more fun than effect.
12. Picking on yourself.

“I am not thin enough.” “I am not smart enough”. “I am not a good person”.

If you are thinking those things about yourself, someone has been telling you them in the past or present. People who tell you these things or imply them are NOT your friends. Ditch them! Then give yourself a break.

A wise man once said “Don’t go into battle with your daggers pointing inward.” You don’t need to help stupid people cut you up. Put your daggers away for now and only take them out when you need them.
13. Believing that you are meat and bones.

You are not. It is that simple. You are a spiritual being in a steak and burger body, navigating your way through a house of cards.

If we were meat bodies, there would be no Sistine Chapel Ceiling, No Bernini sculptures, No Sonata Pathetique. There would be no art in life.

Cows don’t compose great musical masterpieces while sitting around belching up cud. We are not animals. We are much, much more.
14. Blame others.

Again with blame. We should banish that from our consciousness. It is a negative and damaging thing and it is a lie. We cause things. We cause things that go bad sometimes. It does not mean we are bad. We should just make things right again and go about our business.

If everyone did this and we stopped blowing up every minor transgression into a mortal sin, we would all be a lot happier and mentally healthier.
15. Believing what “experts” tell us.

I am sorry to have to tell you this but many “experts” are wrong.

The best example of this is the evidence coming out about how damaging the effect of psychotropic drugs are. These were the rage for awhile and guess what, they are extremely toxic. The lawsuits have been ramping up and it is obvious that the “experts” had another agenda. They were lining their pockets.

Back in the 50′s, there was a drug called Thalidomide. This was given to pregnant women to reduce morning sickness. It was also an anti-anxiety drug. Unfortunately, Thalidomide caused massive birth defects and half of the affected babies did not survive. Those that did had deformed or missing arms and legs.

Look for yourself before believing anything someone tells you, even an “expert”.
16. Thinking you are wrong because someone tells you you are.

Since I have become a popular blogger, you would not believe how many people have told me that I am wrong, stupid, evil and crazy.

But what of it?

I have sufficient power of observation that I can see when something is right or it is wrong and so do you. If we believe it is right, it is right until we see actual evidence that it isn’t.

The more someone asserts your wrongness without real evidence. The more likely it is that you are right.
17. Having fixed ideas.

False ideas that you believe are true, blind you. After all, if you think you know everything about someone or something, why should you look?

Fixed ideas can be as simple as believing that all men like peanut brittle. These ideas made sense to us for whatever reason at one time and we adopted them. Now we need to relook at them because they may not be totally true.

If you don’t look at things in present time, you don’t know the truth about them. Things change. People change. If you don’t see them as they are, you are living a lie.

Take a fresh look. Take out all those dusty old ideas from the corners of your mind and see if they are still true. If not, put them in the trash.
18. Thinking you don’t have anything to learn.

One of the great things about us as a race of beings, is that we are constantly changing. Every day there are new things to learn.

Those who think they already know everything are missing out. And falling behind.

Be curious. Learn as much as you can every day. You never know when information will come in handy.
19. Denying yourself pleasure.

Did you know that back in the Renaissance period, there was a priest named Savonarola who went around telling everyone that any kind of pleasure was a sin?

He set up giant bonfires in the town square of Florence and burned all of the nice things including priceless paintings, furniture, jewels, anything that gave pleasure to those who owned them. This was called “The Bonfire of the Vanities”. It was evil and it was based on a lie.

Life is a balance. We work hard and in exchange, we owe ourselves pleasure. Most of the things we enjoy are very pro survival. A beautiful dress, a perfectly cooked meal, and beautiful Music are joys benefit you and those around you. Seek out pleasure and create things for you and others to enjoy.

A life that has way more pain and effort in it than happiness, is an unhappy life. If you have a lot of pain in your life, you must over balance it with pleasure in order to be happy.
20. Thinking that anyone else is responsible for your happiness.

I once had a co-worker who constantly trash talked her husband because he didn’t make her happy. I knew him. He was a fine man and worked relentlessly to try and give her what she wanted. She finally left him and went off with some deadbeat. He married another woman who appreciated him and is happy.

Your life is a cake and your partner is the frosting. If the cake is bad. The frosting will not make it good. If the cake is weak, the frosting will not make it strong.

You have the ability to make your life exactly what you want it to be. Make your cake first and then find the right frosting.
21. Trying to make things perfect.

While the search for perfection is necessary for anyone who wants to succeed, one must realize that life is not sitting still. It moves and changes.

Understand this. Never lose the desire to make things perfect. That is a trait of successful people. Do understand that sometimes, there will be coats hung over chairs and that the dog will poo on the rug occasionally. Clean it up and don’t worry about it.
22. Trying to make those around you be perfect.

Everyone has their own idea about who they should be. Many times it doesn’t match what others think they should be.

So what? No one can decide who they should be but that person. They might be perfect in their own estimation.

Kids especially, tend to be molded too much by their parents. Parents do have the job of making sure the child survives but they do not have the right to insist that their child be someone he is not. It is a fine line.

Talk to your child a lot. Good communication creates a lot of wonderful things.
23. Not Letting others make their mistakes.

I know this is difficult. Those of us who have made epic mistakes are the worst offenders. (Myself included!)

It is hard to watch someone you love suffer something that could have been avoided but honestly, people learn in their own ways and some of us have to really screw up to figure it all out.
24. Thinking that no one cares about you.

Most people do not communicate. It is a sad truth.

You may think that nobody gives a rip about you but that is not true. they care, they just aren’t saying.

You could be the most important person in someone’s life. You could be their entire world. And they may never let you know.

People have been punished too much for communicating so they decide on some level, to stop doing it. Make it safe for them to say whatever is on their minds. Send lots of communication to them and they will open up. It make take time.

But always know that someone loves you. They just do.
25. Thinking that because something awful happened to you, life will always suck.

I thought this for a long time. My life was sucky. If you are going through a bad time, just know that sooner or later you will feel better.

Here is a cure for a sucky life: overwhelm the pain with pleasure.

Do things that you think will give you pleasure even if you don’t feel like it. Keep doing it. Spoil yourself rotten! And keep it up.

If what happened to you was really bad, it will take a LOT of pleasure to counteract the pain. But sooner or later a balance will be achieved and you will find happiness once again.

I have a thing called a “Pleasure bomb.” These are happy  moments in the future that I plant in the present.

For example, send yourself flowers then forget that you sent them, order a box of candy to be delivered months in advance, set up a dinner with someone you love to be with.

There are so many ways to plant “Pleasure bombs” that you will be happier just trying to think up new ones.

Once you have relooked at these old ideas, check out what happens in your life and then write me. I would love to hear about it!


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Sekadar Renungan Pagi Jumaat (II)

Sekadar untuk renungan di pagi jumaat yang mulia ini

Beberapa peristiwa yang berlaku sepanjang minggu , yang saya baca di media massa dan media social tentang dua anak seni, Erma Fatima dengan isu kemban, dan Raja Azmi dengan isu tudung membuat saya terpanggil untuk menuliskan sesuatu .

Pertama kali saya ternampak post Erma di Instagram beliau dimana beliau berkongsi gambar gambar pelakon drama Tahta yang antara lain menemukan kembali Erra & Awie, Elie Suriyati dan beberapa orang pelakon yang lain -yang mana pelakun wanitanya hanya berkemban.

Pada saya yang memang kurang arif untuk bercakap tentang soal agama , namun sekadar luahan ikhlas mungkin  Erma boleh menukarkan  ‘berkemban’ itu dengan memakai baju kebaya dan kain batik, contohnya. Mungkin tidak akan banyak mencacatkan jalan ceritanya.

Saya  minta maaf sekiranya tulisan saya ini membuat Erma marah atau tersinggung, tapi anggaplah sekadar peringatan sesama insan. Kalaupun bukan kita yang berkemban, tetapi setiap mata yang memandang tubuh pelakon pelakon wanita yang mendedahkan tubuh mereka, bagaimana pula. Sanggupkah kita bersekongkol menanggung dosa orang yang melihat. Sebagai pengarah Melayu dan beragama Islam Erma mestinya lebih mengerti.

Saya begitu mengkagumi karya karya hebat Erma Fatima, Embun antara lain, Tahajjud Cinta  (drama), Diva Popular antara yang pernah saya tonton. Beliau memang salah seorang pelakon, pengarah, pengkarya seni yang saya kagumi hasil kerjanya.

Mungkin kontroversi itu penting, tapi ada juga beberapa perkara lain yang lebih penting yang juga perlu diambil kira.

Untuk Raja Azmi, kadang kadang lebih baik kita diam dari bercakap tentang soal agama yang begitu sensisif,  yang kita sendiri kurang arif. Hukum bertudung itu wajib, walau apapun hujah dan alasannya. Kalau dirasakan diri belum bersedia untuk bertudung, baik diam dan jangan mengeluarkan komen yang boleh memakan diri sendiri.

Salam Jumaat.

Dibawah sedikit komen saya yang pernah tersiar dalam MStar online dibawah mengenai filem arahan Erma, Embun.

Mstar (Published on 16th Sept 2002)

EMBUN adalah buah tangan terbaru Erma Fatima dalam persada filem tanah air. Filem yang mendapat pembiayaan sebanyak RM3 juta, belanja paling besar pernah dikeluarkan dalam sejarah perfileman Melayu ini menggandingkan pelakon handalan seperti Rahim Razali, Umie Aida, Ellie Suriati Omar, Hani Mohsin dan Khatijah Tan (sekadar menyebut beberapa nama).

Secara keseluruhannya Erma berjaya menggarap filem ini sebagai sebuah karya yang bagus. Sinematografi yang cantik dan lakonan yang mantap oleh pendukung watak mampu meletakkan Embun di tahap yang jarang-jarang dicapai dalam industri filem Melayu. Cerita mengenai perjuangan bangsa Melayu menentang penjajah memang perlu agar generasi muda lebih menghargai erti kemerdekaan negara.

Dalam Embun, Erma berjaya mengangkat martabat filem Melayu, namun menjerat ‘maruah’ diri dan pelakonnya iaitu Izi Yahya (Al fatihah) dan Umie Aida. Adegan rogol yang membabitkan Umie Aida dan Izi Yahya disensasikan sejak awal dengan kenyataan Umie sendiri yang begitu ‘berminat’ menceritakan bagaimana adegan ini dilakukan.

Publisiti murahan ini menjadi lebih sensasi apabila Izi Yahya yang melakonkan watak pegawai tentera Jepun membuat kenyataan berani dengan pengakuannya sanggup berlakon separuh bogel. Erma pula seharusnya lebih bijak menangani kontroversi ini, bukannya tampil dengan kenyataan yang cuba memperbodohkan pembaca.

Apakah Erma Fatima, Umie Aida dan Izi Yahya terlupa, dalam perjuangan untuk memartabatkan filem Melayu, ada batas dan nilai tertentu yang tidak harus dipandang ringan. Kenapa harus kita korbankan adat dan tatasusila bangsa Melayu semata-mata untuk memuaskan hati orang lain? Apakah berbaloi pujian atau pengiktirafan yang kalaupun diperoleh itu walaupun terpaksa menggadaikan maruah diri, bangsa dan agama?

Saya percaya tanpa babak rogol itu ia boleh berdiri dengan sendiri. Malah Erma akan lebih dihormati. Kredibilitinya memang telah teruji dengan penghasilan filem seperti Jimi Asmara dan Perempuan Melayu Terakhir yang pernah memenangi anugerah di festival filem luar negara

Rasanya cukuplah Izi Yahya menjadi perogol ganas dalam Embun dan Ali Setan. Saya percaya bakat anda akan lebih menyerlah dengan watak lain yang tidak kurang hebatnya bagi seorang pelakon handalan seperti anda.

Bakat dan kebolehan Umie Aida memang diakui, namun diharapkan pada masa akan datang Umie akan lebih berhati-hati kerana sekian lama anda mengabdikan diri dalam dunia seni, anda harus bijak membuat perhitungan.

Keupayaan Erma menghasilkan Embun dengan begitu baik, memang tidak dipertikaikan meskipun terpaksa berhadapan dengan pelbagai kontroversi. Barangkali ada rahmat di sebalik ini, sekurang-kurangnya peningkatan dari segi kutipan, namun saya berharap Erma akan belajar daripada kesilapannya. Anda memang seorang pengarah yang hebat dan gunakanlah kebolehan dan kepakaran anda dalam menghasilkan karya yang lebih hebat namun kurang mengundang kontroversi.

Sebagai insan biasa, kita tidak lari dari melakukan kesilapan, belajarlah dari kesilapan itu, mudah-mudahan ianya tidak berulang. Majulah filem untuk Malaysia!

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What does living with integrity mean

Live up to your words, never lie . Good Morning & have a blessed Friday people..

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Police seize RM18mil worth of drugs

Hard evidence: Comm Noor Rashid (third from left) showing the drugs seized in the raids during a press conference at Bukit Aman.

Hard evidence: Comm Noor Rashid (third from left) showing the drugs seized in the raids during a press conference at Bukit Aman.
KUALA LUMPUR: Police seized RM18mil worth of drugs in a series of raids in what is believed to be the largest drug bust of the year.

Five men, one of whom is a Singaporean, were arrested in the raids in Selangor and Malacca on Tuesday.

Narcotics Crime Investigation Department (NCID) director Comm Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said police caught wind of the syndicate early this year.

“Utilising our Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING), we watched them and studied their methods for a while before moving in.

“The first raid was around 8.30pm at the basement car park of a mall in USJ (in Subang Jaya) where we arrested two men including the foreigner,” he said at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman here yesterday.

Both men were in the middle of transferring drugs between two cars when they are arrested.

“Three sacks full of white powder, believed to be syabu, weighing about 75kg were found in the boot of the cars,” he said.

Following the arrests, police apprehended another syndicate member in the mall.

Comm Noor Rashid said the information gathered from the three led police to raid a house in Ayer Keroh, Malacca, arresting two men.

“We also raided a shophouse in Taman Merdeka Permai, Malacca, which served as the group’s storage premises,” he said, adding that police found some 49.7kg worth of drugs there.

Comm Noor Rashid said the total street value of the drugs was estimated to be around RM18mil.

“We also seized RM20,000 in cash in the first raid,” he said.

Comm Noor Rashid said the syndicate had been smuggling the drugs into the country by hiding them in shipping containers.

“We believe the drugs came from different parts of the world, including Africa, Afghanistan and India.

“The quality of the drugs is quite low compared to the ones originating from Iran, which has a higher purity rate,” he said.

Police believe the drugs were for the local and regional market.

Comm Noor Rashid said the five detained, aged between 21 and 58, would be remanded for seven days.

“We are still looking for re­­maining members of the syndicate,” he said.

source : The Star

* Kudos to PRDM! Malaysia has become a transit point for drug dealers. With such a large seizure, wonder how much has already made their way into the market. Youngsters who are drug addicts with no source of income will turn to crimes to gain monies for drugs. And that increased crime rates and we o longer feel safe. Please do more to curb the menace.

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facebook_725647922Stupid encounter with someone just now. Ignorance, rude and did not try to understand. Astro should not let this kind of people handle your business. Pissed of the max. Typical.

Being sarcastic to show your client who is the boss ain’t the way people do business in today’s modern world.

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Dr M to Kelantan govt: Think deeply on plan to implement hudud

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kelantan government should think deeply on its plan to implement hudud in the state, as the basic principle that must be emphasised is justice, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said this was because the Kelantan government was seen to stress more on the forms of punishment in its attempt to implement the Islamic penal code.

“In Islam, the main principle is justice and there are 43 verses in the Quran which touch on justice in meting out punishment. If there is no justice, we cannot penalise.

“There are Muslims and non-Muslims in our country. If a Muslim steals, his hand will be chopped off but when a non-Muslim steals, he goes to jail. Is that justice or not?”

He said this at a press conference after delivering the keynote address at a roundtable session on ‘Managing Rising Costs in the Current Business Environment’, here, today.

Dr Mahathir opined that the implementation of hudud should be thoroughly thought about and not driven by an eagerness to punish (offenders).

“Islam is a religion that preaches justice and compassion. I don’t think the fervency to punish is wanted in Islam,” he said.

The PAS-controlled state government through its parliamentarians will be tabling a motion in the Dewan Rakyat for the implementation of hudud in the state by implementing the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code Enactment (II) 1993, the latest by December.

Chairman of the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code Enactment Technical Committee, Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah had reportedly said that the draft document for the purpose had been prepared and only required some fine-tuning and the views of legal experts.

On the water issue in the Klang Valley and Selangor, Dr Mahathir said the different ideologies between two governments had led to various problems, not just water.

“The people had chosen a different government. You choose the wrong government, you pay the price,” he said.– BERNAMA
source : The New Straits Times


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KLIA2 to start operations in two weeks with five airlines

KLIA2 ready for take off (video)

A photo of the newly built KLIA2 which will open on May 2.

A photo of the newly built KLIA2 which will open on May 2.

AFTER several delays, KL International Airport 2, the controversial new low-cost carrier terminal is ready to start operations on May 2.

Contractors and Malaysia Airports Holdings (MAHB) are working round the clock to ensure the RM4bil airport opens on schedule.

Contractors and workers were seen busy putting the finishing touches at the main terminal building.

A sea of luggage greeted us at the main terminal hall of the spanking new airport and Datuk Azmi Murad explained that 900,000 suitcases were provided by the contractor to test the system and to ensure the integrity of the system was intact.

interview with Senior General Manager, Operations Services Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) Dato' Azmi Murad,  who is an expert in the Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer (ORAT) process.  At KLIA 2 Sepang on April 15, 2014.Rohaizar Darus/Star

Azmi showing the 900,000 luggage bags used to test the system.

These bags are packed with bricks and wood,’’ said Azmi, who is Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) senior general manager for operation.

Azmi, who heads the Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) struggled to lift one of the bag to prove his point.

“We have been carrying out tests and trial runs since February and have gone through three levels of ORAT, he said, adding that last Sunday, they had 4,500 “passengers” to test the system.

“In terms of readiness, KLIA2 is 99% ready. We are ready to start and on May 2, we will move, with five airlines – Malindo Air, Cebu Pacific Air, Tiger Airways Singapore, Lion Air and Indonesia’s Mandala Airlines.

A man polishing the floors of KLIA2 with a cleaning machine.

Kiosks and counters at the new low- cost carrier terminal ready for the KLIA open day.

“They have lower flight frequency, so we can test the systems further with real airport operations.

By May 9, everyone else will join us including the Air Asia family,’’ explained Azmi.

He said that minor touch-up works would, however, continue long after the airport commenced operations, similar to when KLIA started its operations.

He added that the final stages of ORAT also involved familiarisation processes for airlines, ground staff, security, Customs, Immigration and even the public; to help them get acquainted with the terminal building, the new technologically advanced system, facilities and processes for smooth and seamless transition of all stakeholders from the old terminal to the new one.

Azmi, who has vast experience preparing airports for operation, had been involved in the KLIA project since 1998.

He explained that one of the biggest challenges with KLIA and its migration from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang was that it was very IT based

A worker polishing the floor at the facility in preparation for the opening.

“It was not easy integrating the baggage, ticketing and check-in counters with new technology, but we did it.

So with KLIA2, we are prepared for anything, if at all there is any glitch in the system, the airport operations will carry on,’’ he said.

“We are organising an open day on April 27, from 9am onwards to educate the public on KLIA2, and to introduce its facilities. The public will get to take bus rides along the runway and tarmac,’’ he said.

He said that suggestion boxes would be placed at strategic locations to encourage people to provide feedback and suggestions.

 interview with Senior General Manager, Operations Services Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) Dato' Azmi Murad,  who is an expert in the Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer (ORAT) process.  At KLIA 2 Sepang on April 15, 2014.Rohaizar Darus/Star

Shiny new luggage trolleys all lined- up waiting for operations at KLIA2.

“KLIA2 comes with special features and facilities such as its check-in counters which enables all airlines to process passenger information at any counters, unlike LCCT where each airline had its own designated counter,’’ he said.

The project that went up for tender in 2009 had an initial cost of RM1.9bil.

However, its delivery date was postponed several times due to various changes, causing some analysts to estimate the final cost to possibily hit RM4.5bil.

 source : The Star


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Malaysian singer Najwa Mahiaddin and her New York state of mind

Najwa Mahiaddin – Before (Official Video)

Najwa Mahiaddin is making her mark as a musician abroad but the singer reveals life in the Big Apple is not all glitz and glam.

A warm summer day at the back of a building in the thriving art and music district of Brooklyn in New York, the exhaust fans whirred without relent while the stench from a nearby dumpster hung faintly in the air.

“What are we doing here?” singer-songwriter Najwa Mahiaddin thought to herself as she arrived at the venue – the venue of her performance, that is. Mostacho Xprmnt, a R&B fusion band which comprises four Berkelee graduates including Najwa, had landed a gig at the, well, less-than-conventional setting.

“It sounded like a great idea at first. It was summer and we thought it would be cool for people to sit outside on a patio, and just hang out and listen to live music,” said the 28-year-old artiste and daughter of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“But there was a heat wave going on at the time. It was so hot. And it didn’t help that we were playing near where the exhaust fans were. We didn’t look good on stage at all, we were all sweating,” Najwa continued, seeming to recall the moment with both distress and fondness at the same time.

“It was an experience I will never forget.”

Najwa was speaking to Star2 in a Skype interview from New York, recalling the ups and downs of her musical career so far.

Najwa Mahiaddin is actively pursuing her music career in New York, booking a show at Ella Lounge recently.
Najwa is actively pursuing her music career in New York, booking a show at Ella Lounge recently.

Najwa Mahiaddin is actively pursuing her music career in New York, booking a show at Ella Lounge recently.
The Johor native left for the Big Apple last year after completing her degree in contemporary writing and production at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston.

“Music is everywhere here. Just riding the subway, you see so many musicians in the stations and they’re really good. Surrounded by all these talented people, it makes you more inspired to write music,” said the performer, who is both a solo artiste and the vocalist of Mostacho Xprmnt, on her decision to move to Manhattan.

But of course, launching a music career, perhaps even an international one, is foremost in her mind.

The raven-haired songstress plans to “go all out” this year, revealing she has hired a booking agent to help her land new gigs and will even start actively shopping for a record deal.

“I’m not gonna sit and wait around. I’ve been trying to push my music out there, planning for more shows, getting the word out,” said Najwa who plans to pursue a music career both in New York and Malaysia, devoting her time equally at both places.

The singer said she also met up with fellow Malaysian export Yuna in New York for tips and advice on breaking into the industry.

But it isn’t as glamorous as it sounds (if her backyard performance is any indication).

“You can’t expect to perform at Radio City Music Hall and Madison Square Garden straight away. You’ve got to experience performing at different venues to different audiences and see whether they are receptive,” said the singer who also earns extra pocket money giving vocal lessons at a music school on a weekly basis.

“You have sound engineers insisting on doing sound for you but don’t know how to. There was one guy who was turning the knobs while I was singing and by the end of the show, I felt like my mic was completely off,” she shared with a laugh, recalling another memorable experience.

“Every musician has to start somewhere.”

A new direction

Najwa got her big break in 2011 when she released her debut album, Innocent Soul, while pursuing the Berklee transfer programme at the International College Of Music, Kuala Lumpur.

Immediately, she took the local industry by storm, clinching the Best English Song (for Got To Go) and Best New Artiste title at the Anugerah Industri Muzik the same year. The singer became known for her sultry vocals, her soul and R&B stylings and empowering lyrics.

But it seems the chilly winds of New York has brought about a change to her latest work, Aurora, a digitally released five-track EP.

“I wrote a lot of girl power songs like Got To Go but with this one, it’s more mellow and there’s this healing type thing. In New York, it’s always cold and concrete and when it snows, it gets muddy and slushy. I’m influenced by the things I see and feel,” she explained.

Najwa Mahiaddin's EP Aurora

Najwa Mahiaddin’s EP Aurora

Najwa – Got to Go-

Arguably more quiet and contemplative, Najwa sings about escaping with her lover to an alternate reality in the Alice In Wonderland-inspired Wonderland and offering a shoulder to cry on for a friend who had just broken up in Before.

But the most drastic change of all takes place musically. Listeners will be surprised to hear a strong electronic influence on Aurora, a huge departure from her vintage R&B roots.

“I have been listening to a lot of songwriters who have an electronic influence – not EDM or dance. That’s the direction I want to go. I still enjoy performing with a four-piece band but it’s important to present something new to listeners,” shared Najwa, who also credits her electronic flair to Berklee mate and the EP’s producer Harsya Wahono.

Despite the change in musical direction, the singer assured she hasn’t lost her “soul”: “If you strip the music off and have me on the piano, I would still be able to play it, it will still have me in it. There’s still that soulfulness there because the songs were written organically – me sitting in front of the piano, the same way I write my other songs, and taking that and putting it into an electronic setting.”

A clear indication that Najwa is still clinging tightly to her sense of self is the contemporary rendition of Seri Mersing in the EP. Released locally as a single, the popular ghazal folk song has been performed by seasoned artistes like Sharifah Aini and Siti Nurhaliza.

“When I was in Berklee, people always asked me, ‘what is the music of your country?’ And I recalled ghazal bands playing at family gatherings and the singers singing Seri Mersing,” shared Najwa who first decided to rearrange the song for a class assignment.

Besides promoting her cultural heritage Stateside, Najwa hopes the song will inspire Malaysians themselves: “In Malaysia, some youngsters may be taken with the western culture. Through this song, I want to let them know we have such a rich heritage and we should be proud of it.”

A family affair

Seri Mersing undoubtedly serves as a passage back home for Najwa, sparking memories that envelope her like a warm, familiar blanket against New York’s unforgiving breeze. “I’m constantly in contact with my family, we have a Whatsapp group where we keep in touch. I also hang out with them a lot when I get back,” she said, believing in the importance of staying connected with her loved ones.

Asked on which side of the family does her musical talent comes from, Najwa deduced: “My mum would say this as well. It would make sense for it to be from my dad’s side. He’s naturally talented. He can play the piano by ear. It’s innate, he never studied or anything.

“He does sing sometimes but I don’t think it’ll be to the point where he’s going to switch careers,” she said with a chuckle, adding that behind her father’s serious facade, people would be surprised to find him very relaxed and laidback at home.

The singer also shed light on what it felt like growing up in a high profile household: “We try to be as normal as possible. I would do whatever anyone else was doing. I followed my mum and grandmother to the pasar malam. There’s no such thing as we don’t do this or that.”

Dont Look Back – Telepopmusik Cover with beatbox

Najwa didn’t feel there was any added pressure either to carry herself in a certain way because of her famous father: “The pressure isn’t because of who my dad is. When I make decisions, just like any other children, I don’t want to embarrass my parents. I want to make them proud. Like I want to do well in school to make them proud.”

Najwa also spoke openly on accusations suggesting the singer is using her father’s influence to expand her music career: “I’ve gotten that a lot, I try not to read up on what people say. I work just as hard and I have never asked my dad for anything.

“I’m in music, he knows nothing about music. I have to sit down and explain to him about the music industry and what record labels do. Yes he is very supportive, and I have my whole family behind me. But there’s no, ‘I’ll get you that record deal.’

She added candidly: “If that were the case, I wouldn’t be a struggling musician in New York and doing that backyard show.”

> Aurora is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon mp3, as well as via streaming on Spotify.

source : The Star

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FAM to fans: Behave, or forget live football

FRU personnel had to be deployed to control the situation after a scuffle broke out between Perak and Johor DT fans April 15, 2014. — Bernama pic






FRU personnel had to be deployed to control the situation after a scuffle broke out between Perak and Johor DT fans April 15, 2014. — Bernama pic

PETALING JAYA, April 17 — Teams could be forced to play in empty stadiums if fans continue to misbehave.

Unimpressed with the supporters’ unruly behaviour during the Perak-Johor Darul Takzim match in Ipoh on Tuesday, the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) said the drastic measure to ban fans from stadiums would be the last, but possible, resort to minimise untoward incidents.

“We have written to our affiliates, requesting them to advise their officials, players and fans against causing any problems during a match. Even the security committee had met recently to discuss ways to eliminate hooliganism,” said FAM general-secretary Datuk Hamidin Amin.

“Perhaps we need to come up with better methods. There is a possibility for matches to be played behind closed doors. It’s a last resort but we may be forced to do it.”

Fans lit smoke bombs in the final minutes of the match before hurling objects onto the pitch after the final whistle was blown. The Southern Tigers edged the Kinta Valley outfit 1-0 in the match.

Several fans, media personnel and two policemen were among those hurt during the incident, forcing the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) to step in. Johor fans were instructed to gather in the field as police controlled the situation outside the stadium. Tear gas and water cannons were used to disperse the crowd.

Police detained eight people. They were investigated for rioting under Section 148 of the Penal Code.

Hamidin said the national body had yet to receive reports over the episode in Ipoh.

“We held discussions with Perak FA and police ahead of the match but things still got out of hand. It’s not all the fans but there are several trouble makers who are giving the fans a bad name.”

“I have to wait for the reports by the relevant officials before I can comment further.”

On Monday, fans attacked a man after Penang Water Corporation hosted Felda United at the City Stadium in George Town. Police intervened and escorted the victim out of the stadium.

These incidents come barely two months after FAM launched the ‘Love Football, Stop Hooliganism’ campaign to tackle the problem.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin revealed in Parliament last month there have been 18 reported incidents of fans causing havoc in stadiums since 2012.

source : The Malay Mail

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