Election Commission launches polls portal

PUTRAJAYA: THE Election Commission (EC) has launched its first-ever online portal to enable Malaysians to follow closely the 13th general election.

EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said this would make obtaining information on the elections convenient and explain   the  processes involved.

The portal can be accessed  at http://www.pru13.gov.my.

Aziz said voters could get  information on  candidates,  votes and analysis.

“Results of the counting of votes would be made available on the website from time to time.

“EC will make announcements on the final results, such as the party which gained a majority, or when there is a simple or two-thirds majority win.”

Information during the campaigning period will also be updated on the website.

Aziz said at the end of last year, there were 13.3 million  voters,  an increase from the 10.7 million registered in 2008.

He said  22 per cent of Malaysians had yet to register  as voters.

Aziz said EC had been allocated RM400 million for the next general election.  The last election on    April 28,  2008 cost RM250 million.

The increase in allocation    was due to the increase in the  number of voters as well as the hike in allowances for polls workers.

Aziz said EC was only allowed to correct details of any  voter upon his or her request. Otherwise it was unable to “correct” any information divulged by the voter when they registered.

He said the onus was   on the voter to ensure their details were correct by checking with EC.

He   reiterated that the electoral roll was clean but it was impossible for it to be “100 per cent clean” at any one time because deaths happened  daily.

“Our system is very rigid. It will take months for any individual to be registered (as a voter) because they will be subjected to objections.”

Aziz said if the prime minister did not announce the dissolution of Parliament before the date, it would automatically be dissolved.

Upon dissolution, the EC had 60 days to determine nomination and polling date, and other related matters.

On claims   by several non-governmental organisations that the postal voting process involving Malaysians abroad could take up to three weeks, he said that it would only take less than a week to deliver ballot papers to Malaysian missions abroad  and for the papers to be returned for tallying.

Aziz   said  16 domestic observers selected by EC  would receive their appointment letters today.

“As for foreign observer bodies from the five Asean nations, Wisma Putra (Foreign Affairs  Ministry) would have to approve them first.”


Election Commission worker Wan Samsuhaida Samsudin showing EC’s new online portal yesterday. Pic by Fariz Iswadi Ismail


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